Portshowlio 2017!

After two years of intense study at Seattle Central Creative Academy’s commercial photography program I am finally graduating.

I invite you all to come by the event on the 14th or 15th of June to see all of the beautiful work that myself, and my classmates have been working diligently on over the past two years.

Please visit the Portshowlio website here for more information and insight into the art you might be seeing. 

Here are two of the projects I’ll be showing!

I created my first handmade book in the process, entitled “Madison Park At Night”. 

Life In Transition

Every morning I wake up and turn over to look towards the sun. Eyes blurry from sleep I stumble out of bed and drink black coffee until I’m alive again. I am young and sometimes I live on an island in the Puget sound, or an apartment in the city…my favorite place to live lately has been  out of my Subaru though. Jumping from place to place while searching for answers to a mystery I know i’ll never really solve. When I was young my inspiration came from dreams, but now it arises from reality. Residing in the stillness of a moonlit sky illuminating the mountains, and the chaos of waves crashing underneath me. 

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